Boat materials

Here are the ingredients I’ve got together for the boat, just in case anyone wants to build along. People’ve been asking me how much it costs so I put prices in.

Calamina Plana (flat Calamina.) Already cut into strips for boat – 25soles. Note – There are 2.8 soles to a dollar
10kg Brea (tar-like blocks that boil down into a sticky goo) – 6 soles per kilo
3kg of 3.5 inch nails – 24 soles
1kg of 3 inch nails, 0.5 kg of very small nails – 11 soles
2kg of estopa (rope to plug gaps between planks along with the Brea) – 29soles
4 pieces 3 by 2 inch wood at 8 soles each
15 pieces of katawa armarilla planks at 12 soles each.
Hildo’s wage– have to discuss conclusively today but will likely be around 200-250soles for a week/10 days maestro work.

amazon boat materials

Boat materials on the floor awaiting use.

planks and puppy for amazon boat

Fresh wood needed to be stood out to dry for at least 10 days. Lomo when I could pick him up by the scruff of his neck and he’d dangle there



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  1. my kind of woman……….good luck

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