slow Progress

The boat sprung up. What was three flat planks stuck together has now got sides curved around it .


looks like a boat!

Starting from the front, we nailed the edge of the side plank to the base plank. (Since I do not know any technical terms ‘Plank’ will be the word I use to describe the boat and all its parts) The planks bent with the help of rope. Hildo tied thick rope around the side planks and twisted it so that it winched the planks inwards. When that wasn’t enough we closed the gap by sticking poles into the ground on either side and tying rope around the poles to pull them together. Then puck puck with the hammer and the plank was nailed fast.

I have gotten very skilled at chiseling off corners with a machete. My past work was terrible and I had all but given up my aspirations of becoming a machete sculptor. I’d made haphazard dents in the wood and it had peeled and splintered up. I’d also cut myself a few times from clumsy machete lobs, although who knows, I might have done this on purpose so that I can say-


But I recently had another go and by changing the position of my body in relation to the plank I did a precise, skillful job. I shall be a machete sculptor. I shall machete carve intricate figurines!

boat building amazon

damn skilled

jungle bug

A bug with big black orb eyes like Lomito


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