Boat building and fanning

Here’s what the boat looks like now:


boat amazon


boat building Peru

should probably clean the workspace

Beautiful I know.

The waiting game continues. What you see in the picture is one and a half days work. I waited a week before we incremented the sides because

damn. It doesn’t even matter anymore. I am in the jungle. Things build slow rot fast. I had to wait. That is all.

I needed to buy two more planks because originally we planned a boat of 5m then changed it to 6m. The planks were cut this morning and are wet and heavy, so I have to wait another week for them to dry.

I am getting very good at waiting.

I have started to boat-fan, take photos of boats that I admire. I was a big fan of a two story boat docked by the bridge but I didn’t manage to get a picture before it left. It looked something like this.

boat amazon

double decker boat (they had a monkey)

It had me dreaming of a multi-storied boat. A tower of babble boat.

multi-storied boat

tower of babble boat

Today a raft loaded with platino docked. This evening it was unloaded. It has a cave space where kids and family take shelter in case of smouldering sun. I am a big fan of this fluvial craft.

raft selling platino in market


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  1. Jesus….that sucker looks heavy. 6m is like….enourmous. Why so big?

    • naw aint gona be heavy i got some very specific feather-light wood. Yeah its a big boat, dunno, wanted to be able to sleep in it, Lomo will have space to run around in it. also someones coming with me looks like so it will be 2 people, one rapidly growing dog. I am thinking of alternately paddling and rowing. holyyyy i am ready to get out on the water already damn damn damn

      • Excellent. With two you can have one row while the other paddles. Warp speed! I send you a message on Facebook, sorry it took so long, it got filtered down into my Other folder and I didnt see it until now. Good luck!! When do you think you will be leaving, more or less?

  2. Also are you going to paddle it or row it?

  3. was gona make it 5m but neighbour said 6, guess one meter needed for that front and back part thats covered over to sit on/store things under.

    • I guess I’m just used to my boat…4.5m long, but a solid 200 kilos. She is made from itauba wood…just about the heaviest wood there is. But also the strongest and the best. It can last for 50 years or more. You know you could put a nice sail on that thing….but you’re gonna make a roof huh….

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