Lomo wrote this the other day, little rascal

I feel the sunshine on my snout and I bask in it. The first streaks of warmth after long, damp night. My hair softens in the sun. I shake my belly and the fur ruffles. I stretch, arching fully, and curve my neck back too. The sun calls me out to play. Out I trot with nothing on my mind. There is literally nothing on my mind. But yes, my body is boyant, I am joyful.

My legs and paws patter underneath me. My tail is perky and wig wags upright and its shadow waves on the ground beneath.

Sometimes I knaw on my tail. Sometimes my skin prickles, it crawls sometimes I don’t know why. I reach my leg over and scuff behind my ear. Longlegs will put her fingers through my fur and nip with her fingernails at things she sees moving in there. Little things, littler than me, scurry through my fur, I can feel them.

I like to drag my belly through the grass. The grass sprouts high around me and I can crawl into its tangles. There, in the cool grassy calmness, I roll onto my back and chew on grass blades. I chew on everything. The world is a big chew toy.

There are many smells that distract me. They have me detouring off the path, my nose twitching. Infront of the neighbors house I can find raw fish lain out in the sun. I snag it and run around with it dangling from my mouth, looking for a place to eat peacefully. But Longlegs will chase me and snatch it away and then I see her presenting it back apologetically to the neighbours. Fishy smell lingers in the air.

Today I went on a walk with long legs and big sister (I am in the same species as big sister.) My rump shook as I jogged along. We entered a place where the leaves were dense gathered on the ground and it was cool and damp. There were leaves and branches making crooked angles. It was different there. The sun penetrated down through gaps and there were light patches on the ground. The trees rose over and held in cool air.

I had to cross a log over a big muddy puddle. The ground under my paws was squishy. I had to leap from one log to the next and I geared myself up to leap and flung myself onto the log and bellyflopped then scrambled up with my paws. I crossed another log. There was the glistening cold substance underneath me. I was afraid and exhaled in little squeaks. But I made it, tottering across.

Longlegs thinks I am very cute and pushes up on my backside to help me up when I scramble and whimper because the ground towers too tall above me.

Big sis likes it here. She leaps like how big river waves roll. She springs in tight arcs in the long grass and the ground is soft and gloopy.

Today Longlegs spent all morning battering long pointed things into this oval shaped object that sits grandly in the yard. Dunno know what that’s about. Makes good shade for sleeping though.


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