boatwork mash

I’ve been mashing at the boatwork nonstop. I discovered I had to start at 6am to mash away a couple of hours before breakfast or day turns to night just to spite me. Day spins away so fast. No lamps here to illuminate night work. I suppose sleep is good though. I get mad when I have to cook mid-day. I try to boat-work and cook at the same time and make a wierd playdough pasta clump.

Flipping the boat upside down. I applied brea to the underside. Do it over again because I’m paranoid, dont want no leaks. That took a couple days.

Then I painted the boat with a thin brea mix. 70% gasoline, 30% brea. Melt the brea down, mix in the gasoline. No breaks, have to do it fast before the brea cools and turns solid. Inhale gasoline fumes.

tar gasoline painting

Tar-gasoline paint waterproofs the wood

Flipping the boat back round Then I hammered lata, metal strips, over the brea on the base of the boat on the inside. You put a layer of cardboard between the lata and the wood. You hammer down the strips, lining the edges with 3/4 inch nails. It’s a special challenge at dusk when there’s extra mosquitos. Try hammering tiny fiddly nails into corners with clouds of mosquitos biting your hands.

Some dangers involve: Spilling hot tar on yourself. Cutting yourself on the calamina. Pulverising finger with hammer. I only did the 2nd and 3rd but the cuts were small and I have all my fingernails.

boat building

One day a coal fell off the fire and burnt a hole in my T-shirt turning it into a fashion T-shirt

Then I made the floor which is like doing big jigsaw with saw and machete.

Since I’m in the building flow I look around for ideas of extra features I can add. Some people have toilet stalls on their boats. The toilet is a plank platform that extends past the end of the boat with a hole cut out so plop goes the poo directly into the river out of sight out of mind


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  1. Your shirt, hilarious. I laughed alot after reading that.

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