days 12 and 13. ‘very warm’

night 12 map amazon river

day 12-

Very hot day. Arrive sorta woozy at a house. Bathe in little creek. We cook fish noodle carrot soup. Go to sleep at five pm like usual. V. tired. Sun lingers in the sky v. long here.

day 13-

Another scorching day from sunrise. Pull up to a raft. Guy tells us stories of how a speedboat flipped but he survived. They’d piled the cargo on too heavy. Gives us unopened coconuts. On the canoe I grunt and hack at the coconut with the machete until we can drink the juice. Feel like a clever monkey. Can’t go anymore it is very hot. Jump into the water and submerge then climb back on boat to cool down. Before we were never nervous about swimming…only now that we’ve seen what’s in there Pirahnas <———————————————–THIS—————————————————->big and other freakish life like a huge translucent swimming worm that eats ducks that I saw in Iquitos when washing plates (Olivia said it ate the duck by sucking its intestines out of its anus.) 

Stop at community and ask to to pitch tent. Old lady lying sprawled half out of her doorway on porch. Half pitch tent sorta mad and fainting. Drunk guy comes sit with us, he is mild. Hits us up for agua diente (sugar cane alcohol) money. Spider in the luggage try to kill it, its a biting spider, but too slow. 

Can’t get cool. Burning up. Bugs. Can’t get cool. Sun has roasted us. Cook on fire outside. Don’t enjoy food, too exhausted. Discuss travelling by night but don’t have flashlight and don’t know the border and it’s the cocaine border. Nina gives painkillers to the old woman who is sick. Next day she asks for 10 soles, give her 20. We’re near San Pablo, big city, so money is coveted, there’s somewhere to spend it. 


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