Puerto Narino, CO

Puerto Narino map Columbia Amazon river

day 18-

Row to Puerto Narino, Columbia. Its supposed to be an easy day but crossing the river is slow. Then we nearly get pushed the wrong way round a sand island where the current splits. Make it around the head of the island just in time, lucky.

Shriek at elongated thing rushing towards just under water’s surface. Giant snake!! WTF IS THAT ARGH. but it’s just the water skimming off a submerged branch and the current sweeping the canoe quickly towards it that gives the impression its charging straight for us. This the second time I think I’m going to have to battle a giant serpent.

Then i try to take us down a small rivulet, I think it’s the entrance to the town. The water is very shallow and we have to get out and do some pushing but get through then arrive at Puerto Narinio where Nina has a friend taaa daa.


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