A 1900km journey from Nauta, Peru to Manaus, Brazil by paddle on a homemade boat made of wood planks. I am currently building the boat with the help of my neighbor who is a farmer and a fisherman. Boat will be 6 meters long and approximately 70 inches wide. It will be equipped with a roof made of dried leaves, a sleeping area, cooking area and much flowing mosquito net. I hope to visit local communities wherever possible, bringing along some basic gifts such as medicine, toilet paper and candles.

  1. Hi,
    Listen I am hanging around and working with Nat Geo photographers, and world class war photographers, for 20 years now- and I think what you are about to do is absolutely crazy and suicide. Take with you another person, and a satellite phone , solar charger, and gps/radio/beacon. Don’t do this without minimal safety backup!

    • Dear Alon,

      Thank you for your concern. Yes, a gps would be a useful thing to have. If not I have a very detailed map of the river that the big cargo ships use to navigate. There are communities along the river every few kilometers, at least to the border. I imagine there are farms in between the communities. I will ask anyone I see for directions. It would be nice to have a satellite phone and solar charger. I am looking for sponsors …

      In any case I will bring along a lifejacket and nails, and a hammer to make impromtu repairs. Yesterday I paddled upstream to town and back. Lucky Manaus is downriver

  2. Emilie,

    I don’t think this is suicide at all. Absolutely possible.. No reason you need a GPS, just follow the river. Maybe you’ll get a little bit lost sometimes, but you’ll find your way out. This, by the way, comes from two years of experience doing basically what you are doing, alone, wooden boat, no GPS or SAT phone. Except for I’ve been going upriver. .

    Do watch your back on the Solimões, though. Kind of a sketchy river, that one. More problems come from the people than from the jungle. The way you are taking is well-populated, and a known smuggling route.Keep your eyes peeled. And teach your dog to be a guard…

    BOA VIAGEM. Once you get to Manaus, if you feel like taking a trip up the Rio Negro that is my stomping grounds, I’m based here in Barcelos and am always planning a new adventure. Hit me up.

    Cheers (and thanks for the shout-out there in the sidebar)


  3. PS, also do you know Herve Neukomm? He’s a Swiss guy who went down the Solimões – Amazonas from Peru in a bicycle powered boat last year. He lives in Leticia, Colombia now, I think. Seek him out, he can give you valuble info on the route ahead.

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